Family Express works to re-weave the web of relationships that have been torn apart by crime and the policies of the criminal justice system. FE serves as a conduit to assist and accompany children and families in crossing over the barriers that separate them from their loved ones in prison. In doing so, FE restores relationships and creates public awareness in order to bring about transformation in the lives of those impacted by the criminal justice system.


Family Express unites children and families with their loved ones in prison by providing transportation to five prisons located in California. Through its work, FE furthers the CDCR’s mission of reducing recidivism and breaking the inter-generational cycle of crime by supporting the restoration of family relationships and increasing visiting opportunities between children and their loved ones in prison. We also create mutual awareness between families, communities and the CDCR for greater understanding and collaboration.

Family Express advocates for the right of children to see, touch and talk to their parent who is incarcerated.

We Believe

  • We believe that crime and the criminal justice system have negatively impacted the essential, primary bonds between family members their loved ones.
  • Prisons are often located in isolated areas far from the families of those incarcerated, and this is particularly troubling because children lack the means to visit their parents. As a result, more than half of the children with a parent in prison, never see them.
  • We believe that visits help the whole family, and prepare the way for successful re-entry.
  • We believe families are primary partners in the rehabilitative vision of the CDCR. Families come for free to spend the day with people they hope to welcome home someday. Children cope better, and prisoners have fewer write ups because they are motivated to preserve their visiting privileges.
  • We believe regular family visits are essential to the welfare of the family, incarcerated women, and the society as a whole. Women in prison who receive regular visits demonstrate lower rates of recidivism and higher rates of family reunification upon release.
  • We believe that all family members have the right to see, touch and talk to their loved ones.
  • We believe that all family members have the right to a lifelong relationship with their loved ones.
  • Therefore, we believe it is essential for the well-being of society to provide families every opportunity to restore what has been broken in their relationship.
  • It is critical for them to be able to visit their loved ones incarcerated, and to strengthen their relationship as a family.