Thank you for your interest in Family Express and the many ways you can support family reunification.

Sponsoring Agencies are made up of people at a church or organization who want to “host” the departure location for a bus trip. This is all about Hospitality. Typically, it is a church, organization or school that opens its parking lot, restroom and so on for the children and families who gather to ride the bus. So far, we have Sponsoring Agencies in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Long Beach. But we would like to have one for every trip.

It is simple! There is lots to do, but we recommend starting small. Just a few people can send the bus off in a very positive way! Take a look at the chart below and give the Program Coordinator a call at 818-980-7714 xt 10 if you have questions or want to get started!

Become a Sponsoring Agency

Uniting families with their incarcerated loved ones! 

The sponsoring Agency is a simple idea:

Start with a small group of 1-2 people. Focus on providing a hospitable, friendly, helpful departure location. Incorporate it into your faith community or school service curriculum. Let people be creative. Start simple. Details below.

  • Safe Parking
  • Restroom
  • Coffee, Cocoa, muffins, etc.
  • Snack Pack
  • Fast food gift cards (50 per bus)
  • Hospitality¬†