How can I find out if I am an approved visitor?

Only the woman in prison can tell you. Write her, or if she calls you, ask if you are on her approved visitors list. If not, you have to fill out a 106 Form from the prison.

IMPORTANT: Registering for Family Express transportation does NOT mean you are approved for a visit.

How do I sign up for a bus trip?

Click on our sign up page and submit your information. We will mail you a brochure with the bus schedule and registration form. Fill that out and mail it back to us and we’ll send you a confirmation of your registration with the departure location and time.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE to ride the Family Express. You are welcome to bring food on the bus and money to purchase food inside the prison. We will make a meal stop on the way home for busses heading to Southern California.

You are allowed $75 per adult and $25 per child to bring into the prison.

What is Family Express?

The Bus Trip

Family Express (FE) will provide water for the trip. You need to bring food/snacks for the trip. Busses from Southern California will stop for dinner on the way home, so please bring money if you wish to purchase food. No alcohol or drugs are allowed.

The bus will leave promptly from our departure location, so please don’t be late! A hospitality Bus Leader will ride each bus to help in any way they can to make sure we all have a safe trip and good visits.


You are welcome to bring money for the vending machines inside the prison. The maximum you can bring is $50 per adult and $20 per child. We recommend bringing one-dollar bills, no change money will go on money card.

Prison Visiting Guidelines

To find our about dress codes and what you can bring into prison, please call visitor information line at 1-900-374-8474. We are all subject to prison visiting guidelines. Special Support If you need assistance to get a birth certificate for a minor visit please contact Program Coordinator.

What paperwork do I need?

Adults must have a valid California ID or passport. Minors must be accompanied by an adult, and must have an original birth certificate. Guardians must bring stamped guardianship papers. If an adult is bringing a minor inside, and they are not the parent or guardian, they must have a notarized letter from the parent or guardian specifically giving them permission to bring the minor to the prison.